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Ama Brot

Ama Brot

The Return of the Bird Tribes. Doctor Merkl's genetic remanants fractualized with Evolutionary Artist Amarushka initiating our legacy for Genetic Enlightenment or Re-Gene-Isis!
“Genetic enlightenment, therefore, is simply the realization and recognition of our true history as a genetically engineered species, the primary and cardinal ramification of which is that religion is the sublimation of the ancient, subservient, master-slave relationship between us and the Anunnaki.” –Neil Freer
"I have envisioned an ascension-based, sustainable community of light and rejuvenation retreat center in the Yucatan, Mexico, near longitude 19.5 and close to the pyramids of that area.  The reason I am drawn to that region is clarified in the Keys of Enoch as “the place of the re-gathering of the Brotherhoods of Light”.  This is our intervention point and party:  Genetic Enlightenment and a Regen-Isis." --Amarushka
"The Brotherhood will land in America. They will come within the formation of a magnificent 'Dove' - whose head of crystal knowledge will be over the Yucatan peninsula, whose wings shall sweep across the Eastern and Western flank of North America, whose feet will land within the pyramidal area of the Bermuda Triangle and the ocean area near Mazatlan."  -- JJ Hurtak, Keys of Enoch, quoted from http://www.alcseattle.com/planetal/archive/pa200904.html
“The Brotherhood will bring the new Law and educate Man to build temple communities of Light. And Metatron said: A new meridian of time will come and the foundations of the Earth will be shifted to a new magnetic foundation as the orbit of the Earth is reset within the ocean of Light." -- JJ Hurtak, Keys of Enoch, quoted from http://www.alcseattle.com/planetal/archive/pa200904.html
"To define the sacred grid areas, we start out with the land of the Return of the Dove, the area of Altea, in order to understand the ancient significance and reactivation of Palenque-Zarahemla, the loand of the re-gathering of the brotherhood upon the earth." -- JJ Hurtack, Keys of Enoch, Book of Knowledge, Key 2-15: 36

Read more in Amarushka's story of Meeting a Remarkable Man.

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