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The Vine

The Vine

Padrinho Sebastião, stirring the scared brew, is remembered by us as a very spiritual man devoted to the Source of all Nature through the initiation of his Master teacher, Raimundo Irineu Serra. Master Irineu was the founder of the Santo Daime spiritual path, a melding of christian and indigenous traditions based on the ethongentic sacrement of the Amazon Jungle called Ayahausca. Through a direct experience of the Queen of the Forest, Padrinho Sebastião began receiving her spiritual guidance.
For Padrinho Sabastiao, his feelings were always the noblest. Among his deep and heart felt feelings was his great love for mother nature. Even without ever attending school or an ecological lecture, he knew about things through a simple act of love that was inherent in him.
"I recollect wistfully the old times of settlement of the community, the origins of Céu do Mapiá." --Padrinho Sabastiao
"By living harmoniously we can make use of what the forest offers for our survival. It is possible to knock down a tree and preserve all the ecosystem. This must be our reality: to know how to live together with the wealth that Mother Nature offers to us. Never to be a greedy, harmful person, a destroyer." --Padrinho Sabastiao
"Well-ventured are the humble of spirit because theirs is the Kingdom of the Heaven. Well-ventured are the gentle because they will inherit the Earth. So Jesus said." --Padrinho Sabastiao
"I trust this Brotherhood (The Living Christ) and I see that a lot people already deserve this title. They are the ones who live in great universal harmony, not pursuing neither injuring their similar, not polluting neither mistreating the nature." --Padrinho Sabastiao
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