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You are viewing actual microscopic photos of Dr. Merkl's Cosmic Bio-Machine, with its accompaning Cosmic Bio-Engineers, flying saucers and crystal pyramids superimposed into the blood platelets. This illustration depicts his ground breaking discovery on Christmas Day 1995. Doctor Merkl placed his own genetic material in his new discovery, the Sumerian Formula and viewed pleo-morphic hyper-dimensional life forms coming to life at 80 million magnification.
Pleo-morphism means many forms; many or more (pleo-), forms or bodies (morph-), capable of changing from one type of organism to another.
These ancient cosmic scientist currently invisible to us but rediscovered by Doctor George Merkl and left behind here in the 4th dimension for us when we were ready to wake up and take full control of our biological life form based on the Adam Kadmon blue print fashioned after our genetic engineer creator gods the Anunnaki and Sumerians. Its up to us to take full control of our own Re-Gensis and bond with Mother Earth our home now for a long long while. No need to go off planet we only need to take care of this one where we live!

Read more concerning the discoveries of Pleomorphism by Dr. George Merkl and others.

"Through the re-discovery of the Sumerian Water, the Elixir of Life, these Ancient-Future, Cosmic Scientists have arrived once again and have been domesticated to teach us the Super Science of the Cosmos, as the Sumerians [originally] had access to it.  With the discovery of the Life Crystals, I was able to mass produce layered, staked SMART Protein Beta Sheets to produce Live Crystals in Cosmic Order.  These Live Crystals then are able to holographically self-replicate themselves and reproduce by copying, via a holographic blue print.    This discovery then paved the way for the Sumerian Technology, which they brought with them when the landed in the Mesopotamian Valley seven thousand years ago.  The Sumerian literature they left behind has now been translated, and the Sumerian Math and Geometry have been restored to understand the Cosmos and how energy is condensed into matter or life!  The life process is self-controlling, once we provide the ELIXIR OF LIFE or the SUMERIAN WATER as the medium.  The ELIXIR the Sumerians had has been rediscovered by me on Christmas day, 1995, early in the morning.  Now that I know of what I know, I realize how little we all know!" 
This NEW AGE BIO-ELECTRIC INDUSTRY could tap into the ATOM without a nuclear reaction!  The new institutions shall free the minds from captivity of an old, worn out, mind-set paradigm, encouraging us to dare to dream, explore and use our more awakened minds and intuition.  This is the reality and its here today, as the NEW AGE shall sweep out the old one once and for all!
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Dr. George Merkl:
Origins of Life and the Cosmic Bio-Machine