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His YOD Ship, Yahowha and the Source Family

Yodship of Yahowha

Yahowha, born Jim Baker III in 1922, studied philosophy, world religions and many esoteric spiritual teachings, including becoming a devout student of Manly P. Hall, founder of Philisophical Research Society of Los Angeles and a 33 degree Free Mason.
In 1957, he founded The Aware Inn, our Nation’s first Health Food Restaurant! In 1969, he founded the Source Restaurant, on Sunset Boulevard, in West Hollywood.  It was common to see many great movie and rock stars of the psychedelic era eating on the patio. The Source Restaurant was based on ancient spiritual truths, including "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ." He initially served only uncooked foods and it became the most profitable restaurant in the Country, for its size.
He met Yogi Bajan, international leader of the Sikhs. and became one of his most devoted students. He saw the Yogi as his Spiritual Father and as God, but the Yogi did not want that responsibility.
In 1971, "Father YOD" went to India. He was traveling down the Ganges River, wearing a robe and a Sikh headdress. Someone on the boat asked him if he was a Hindu or a Sikh. He threw his headdress in the river as he said:
"Neither a Hindu nor a Sikh will I be . . . For my soul is universal and free!"
Everyone in that boat fell at his feet and followed him for the rest of his trip in India. When he returned from that trip to India, he had finally realized that he, himself, would have to take responsibility for being the Father for the “Age of Aquarius”. Therefore, he founded “The Brotherhood of the Source” and “The Source Family”'. He published His Teachings in a book called "Liberation" and gave the book freely.
He formed several bands from among Family Members – including "Ya Ho Wha 13" – Which became the beat and harmony of the times . . . Teaching – spontaneously – through the universal language . . .
In 1975 in Hawaii he flew a small, white hang glider into the annals of history . .
At the time that he left his body, he had 14 women, 3 children and over 100 Members of his Source Family. He left a Council of 12 women to make decisions for the Family and his "Suns" to run the businesses and manifest the "Sacred Green Energy" - "Money" - which Ya Ho Wha called "The best tool on the planet . . . because you can do anything with it"!      -- www.yahowha.org
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