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The struggle in Chiapas by latter-day Zapatistas captured the imagination of all freedom loving people worldwide. Quite uniquely for its time and origins, EZLN commanders such as Sub-Comandante Marcos urged solidarity movements internationally to use high-tech media to highlight their plight and struggle. 
The Mexican government at the behest of international capitalism and its neo-colonial bosses to the North engaged in brutal, counter-revolutionary repression in Chiapas against indigenous peoples.  Mass demonstrations and protests were staged throughout Mexico in support of the EZLN and against government savagery.
"The Zapatista uprising in Chiapas was certainly one of the most dramatic and important instances in our time of a genuine grassroots movement against oppression. In this volume, the writings of Subcomandante Marcos give eloquent expression to this movement, revealing both its philo-sophical foundations and its tactical ingenuity.  I believe his words and the statements of the Zapatistas can inspire a new generation of activists and let them understand that it is possible for ordinary people, without military power, without wealth, to challenge state power successfully on behalf of social justice.  This fantastic collection of Marcos' words conveys the spirit of the Zapatistas as no other book I know has done."  -- Forward to book by Marcos, by Howard Zinn
"After over 500 years of conquest, the indigenous -people already know what the rest of us must learn about empires: that they exploit the many for the privileges of the few, that they ransack the cultures of antiquity, that they place a burden even on the mother countries. But in their actions and writings, the Zapatistas are inspiring a new generation to join the struggle for a better world. It's our world too!"  -- Tom Hayden
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