His Royal Highness James Akahi

The Kingdom Of Hawai'i Moku Aupuni

From a vision by His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui

His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui's Vision
His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui's Vision, given to him from Akua through a dream

"The Kingdom of Hawai'i rests upon the shoulders of Akahi Nui. The Anuenue signifies 'Umi-a-Liloa' the son of Liloa (k) and Akahi-a-kuleana (w) 25 in hawaiian numerology equals 7 signifies 'The Eyes of the Akua' The island in the background is the vision of 'The new birth of an island' The two kahili's signifies '100% Royalty of Blue Blood Lineage' The island with the nine kalo leaves signifies 'Life to the Islands' The Pueo signifies 'Akahi Nui's Wisdom' which comes at night The Honu 'ea signifies 'The Unity of All the Islands' The yellow ribbon signifies 'The Arms and the Shoulders of Akahi Nui' who holds the Kingdom of Hawai'i and the burdens upon his shoulders Black is the Past Red is the Bloodshed Yellow is the light of 'The New Beginning'" -- Jonah Keahi, interpreting Akahi Nui's Vision

Majesty Nui on Horse
King James Akahi Nui on Horse Back - Maui

"The U.S.A. did illegally and WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT with the full knowledge of the President of the United States President William McKinley, and Members of their Senate, sent gun ships armed with cannons, soldiers armed with Gattling guns and carbines to Honolulu. To intimidate our beloved late Queen Lydia Lili uokalani, the Sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands, who is also my ancestor and Great Aunt, into surrendering her Sovereignty over her Islands, fortunately in her renown wisdom and courage, Queen Lydia Lili uokalani REFUSED TO SURRENDER HER SOVEREIGNTY TO THE U.S.A.!
The United States did then CONNIVE with certain De Facto Entities and did ILLEGALLY, against THE LAW OF NATIONS and all decent laws of International human conduct, did threaten and imprison our beloved Queen, stole HER NATION, HER LAND AND POSSESSIONS. And are still till today Illegally Occupying, using and abusing the Hawaiian people THIS ILLEGAL OCCUPATION MUST END!" -- His Majesty James Akahi Nui, Letter to President George W. Bush Jr.

In 1998 Majesty Akahi Nui was coronated King of Hawaii and Trustee of the Kingdom of Hawaii Nation Ministry Trust on February 22nd. He is a direct descendant of Queen Liliuokalani's sister and has been traveling on a Kingdom of Hawaii passport ever since. He has been recognized by the United Nations as the representative of the Hawaiian People and the other sovereignty groups have been advised that if they have a appeal to bring up to the World Court they must bring it through Him. Already He has renewed treaties with nations who had treaties with the Kingdom of Hawaii (except for the United States). Pray that He be surrounded with wise and righteous counselors, that He be protected from foolish choices and that he will be able to keep the hotheads in line, who want to take the law into their own hands. Pray that the grace of God be upon Him in order that He may accomplish the task that is before Him.

World Wide history was in the making in Honolulu, Hawai´i, August 15, 2008 in a plan to re-enact the "powers of state" at Iolani Palace by the Kingdom of Hawai´i. His Majesty Akahi Nui, a direct descendant of Liloa and of 100% Royal lineage on both sides of his family has the Iolani Palace on his personal family's land, included in the Akahi Family Royal Patent Deed and Granted by Kamehameha to Akahi during the King's Mahele, which preceded the Great Mahele in 1848.  His Majesty King Akahi not only holds a lien on the Palace and grounds, but all of Hawai´i.

Kingdom Of Hawaii Aupuni Flag - HRH Akahi Nui

His Majesty's family coat of arms and crest is all over the Palace. The State of Hawaii has agreed with Majesty's ownership of the Palace since the year 2000, when the Deed was originally filed. His Royal Majesty King Akahi Nui has and holds lawful Royal Deeds to the Palace, its grounds and all of the land of the Hawai'i Islands and has filed a superior security interest and lien on all of the land of the Hawaiian Islands due to the unlawful military invasion for a sum certain of 100 Trillion Dollars (USD) under necessity.

Roayl Majesty Akahi Nui
His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui of Maui

Announcement to the World

Kingdom of Hawai'i, Nation
Sovereign Nation of God
His Majesty Akahi Nui


I Majesty Akahi Nui, Alii Nui and Sovereign Heir to the Crown and Throne of the Kingdom of Hawai'i, being a Sovereign Nation of God, Am Now, on behalf of the Almighty Creator restoring His Sovereign Nation once again. I who have now created a strong foundation of that retroactive restoration, do now put out this Claim:

That the Kingdom of Hawai'i, Moku'aupuni (Nation) was NEVER invalidated and has never been dissolved, and shall from now henceforth stand strong as the only True and Just ruling Government of the Kingdom and Islands of Hawai'i. Therefore the Constitution of 1840, and the Declaration of Rights of 1839 have never been suspended, and are still in full force. The Overthrow of 1893 was never valid and never shall be, and although this wrong has been thoroughly outlined and admitted by the current President and both houses of the Senate of the United States in a sworn confession known as Public Law 103-150, and was signed by the President into Law, they have done nothing to correct this wrong which was perpetuated upon me and my people by their own agents. There are continuous and on-going acts of treason, fraud and conspiracy occurring in Hawai'i against me and my people.

Now is the time to undo the wrong. I Am here to undo the wrong. In restoring this sacred Monarchy, I now Claim My Palace and My Judicial Court, that known as Iolani Palace and the Monarchy Court, a Court of Common Law, sworn and created to uphold the Rights and Justice of and for the People. I also claim all artifacts belonging to the Kingdom of Hawai'i, including all items in possession of the Bishop Estate and all sacred Heiaus and burial sites of our ancestors. This also includes ALL of the Kings Trail on all islands and every aspect thereof.

Any and all of those persons, groups or organizations who have used or are still using the Kingdom of Hawai'i name, now let it be known that they are not the True Kingdom. They now no longer have any valid right to use that name from henceforth, as I Now Re-Claim the Name and Re-Store the Crown and Throne from those thieves who have wrongly taken and abused it without My Consent. This is the True Kingdom which now cometh, the True Kingdom of God. I and the True Kingdom have never come out before this. Now we come out and present ourselves, as it is Our Time to Arise and Claim Our Sacred Seat of Power. It is now God's Time to Move upon the Earth.

If anyone wishes to challenge me in this Re-Clamation, you have 25 days to answer and challenge this Claim. After this time, let this matter now forever be resolved. So Be It.

Declaration of Royal Decendancy
Registered Document # 93-060570
Bureau of Conveyance
State of Hawaii
In Sacred Trust, I Am;
Akahi Nui Seal of Office
Majesty Akahi Nui, Alii Nui
Sovereign Heir to
The Crown and Throne
Dated this Twenty-Fifth Day of December,
in the Holy Year of the Almighty Creator,
Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Six

Public Notice

The Hawaiian Islands conveyed back to the Kingdom of Hawaii
January 11, 2002

Unbeknowest to many, the Hawaiian Islands have been conveyed back to the Kingdom of Hawaii, and are held in Allodial (absolute ownership) Title, His Royal Majesty Akahi Nui, Trustee. See Bureau of Records, (commonly referred to as Bureau of Conveyance in the unlawful state of Hawaii), ancestral title document numbers; 2002-005573 Through 2002-005574, 2002-005579 Through 2002-005580, 2002-005577 Through 2002-005578, 2002-005575 Through 2002-005576. 

Included in the Allodial Deeds is the Genealogy of His Royal Majesty, 2 Declarations of Royal Confirmation, and A Writ of Prohibition With Order To Answer With True and Lawful Documented Facts of Evidence of Jurisdiction Within 20 Days, which the US was unable to answer. The Writ of Prohibition begins: 

"The FACTS AND EVIDENCE of GENOCIDE COMMITTED by United States, United Nations and the illegitimate STATE OF HAWAII and COUNTIES to our NATION PAST, PRESENT and REPEATEDLY from. January 16, 1893 The Seed of Poisonous Tree of Doctrine (unlawful overthrow committed by U.S. and the U.S. military force. (4) Executive Council S.B. Dole, J.A. King, P.C. Jones, W.O. Smith, who administered the Executive Departments of their unlawful Government which consisted of (14) members S.B. Dannon, A. Brown, L.A. Thurston, F.F. Morgan, J. Emmeluth, H. Waterhouse, J.A. McChesney, F. Wilhelm, W.R. Castle, W.G. Ashey, W.C. Wilder, C. Bolte, has planted the POISONOUS TREE OF DOCTRINE and it bears POISONOUS BRANCHES and FRUITS the illegitimate Provisional Government, illegitimate Republic of Hawai'i, illegitimate Territory of Hawaii, and now the illegitimate State of Hawai'i perpetuates the Poisonous Fruits of the Poisonous Tree of Doctrine a criminal act. The laws of the STATE OF HAWAII, and the COUNTY ORDINANCES are the poisonous Fruits practiced by every Attorney's, Judges, Justices, Courts, and all those that are affiliated with their laws." -- King James Akahi Nui 

Majesty Akahi Nui
His Majesty James Akahi Nui - Maui

The Official Kingdom of Hawaii-Passport

For the last several years these have been the Kingdom of Hawaii, diplomatic passports. Their Majesties have traveled to numerous nations in Europe and Central America, received visas and been allowed to pass through and/or into America, with them.

The U.S. will only honor passports that they deem valid (or fear the consequences of any subsequent lawsuit concerning that legality, more that the result of someone coming into the country with invalid papers).

Diplomatic Passport, Akahi Nui

Akahi Nui Passport

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