Bruton Vault

Ama Athena
Lady Marsha Middleton poised and dressed as the
Greek Goddess Pallas Athena, Lord Bacon's Muse

Ministry of the Children
Power of the Gift


America's Secret Spiritual Destiny

"The glory of God is to conceal a thing, but the glory of the King (a Man) is to find it out:  As if the divine nature, according to the innocent and the sweet play of children; which hide themselves to the end that they may be found, took delight to hide his work to the end that they may be found out; and of his indulgence and goodness to mankind has chosen the soul of man to be his playfellow in this game."  -- Francis Bacon, Instauration Magna

bruton parish
Bruton Parish's 3rd Church, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, established 1674

"America's true destiny will remain a secret as long as great masses of people have no knowledge whatsoever that enlightened humanitarians through thousands of years have in their own and succeeding generations remained united on the high purpose of eventually instituting democratic rule throughout the world.  It is necessary to know, too, that it was anciently planned that leadership would fall to America - to a nation established on the northern continent of the western hemisphere...Long before Columbus, they were aware of the existence of the western hemisphere, and selected it to be the site of this philosophic empire. The American continent was set apart for establishing here a great democratic commonwealth nation, centuries before the founding fathers and colonists envisioned the Union..." -- Manly P. Hall, The Secret Destiny of America

Manly in Study

Manly Palmer Hall at age 89 in 1990 in his private, vaulted library at the
Philosophical Research Society, Los Angeles, CA.

Evidence for the existence of the Bruton Vault in the Bruton Parish churchyard of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia is speculative.  While no 'smoking gun' has yet to be discovered, a large body of empirical data, including ciphers incorporated into the tombstones of the parish churchyard that led to the uncovering of the long lost foundations of the original church structure, ground sonar tests, blueprints for the 1st brick church and much, much more all provide strong, circumstantial evidence that a Masonic Vault DOES in fact exist, and that it was placed in Williamsburg with the knowledge and participation of Sir Francis Bacon. 

The willingness on the part of the Vestry of Bruton Parish Church to do an authorized, extensive archeological exploration of the parish churchyard could reveal once and for all the truth:  that there is indeed a vault, and that it was instrumental in providing our founding forefathers access to the legacy of Francis Bacon's blueprint for a great, utopian commonwealth experiment, a legacy that resulted in the founding United States of America.

Ministry of the Children in an unathorized excavation for the Bruton Vault, 9-9-91

For other videos of the 1991 excavation, please see our YouTube Channel:
"I have held up a light in the obscurity of philosophy, which will be seen centuries after I am dead. It will be seen amidst the erection of tombs, theatres, foundations, temples, of orders and fraternities for nobility and obedience—the establishment of good laws as an example to the world. For I am not raising a capitol or pyramid to the pride of men, but laying a foundation in the human understanding for a holy temple after the model of the world. For my memory I leave it to men's charitable speeches, to foreign nations and the next ages, and to my own country after some time has elapsed."  -- Francis Bacon,  Advancement of Learning (1605), Bk II.

A Short Chronology

The history of Colonial Williamsburg from early colonial times is not accessible on any exact level. Court records were destroyed and much of the original history has been lost. What is known is that the area called the Middle Plantation, where the Bruton Church sits, was laid out in 1633. Three original wood-built churches and parishes were merged into one and it was called the Bruton Parish.  Bruton Parish would become Williamsburg in 1699.

1606 - The Virginia Company:
Francis Bacon played a leading role in creating the British colonies in the New World, especially in Virginia, the Carolinas, and Newfoundland in northeastern Canada. In 1910 Newfoundland issued a postage stamp to commemorate Bacon's role in establishing Newfoundland. The stamp describes Bacon as: 

"The guiding spirit in Colonization Schemes in 1610." -- Alfred Dodd, Francis Bacon's Personal Life Story

Newfoundland Postage with image of Sir Francis Bacon

The Virginia Company was Chartered in 1606 by King James of England, 1609 records indicate that Francis Bacon was a founding member:

"Bacon quickly realized that here in the New World was the proper environment for the accomplishment of his great dream, the establishment of the philosophic empire…he was the head of a secret society including in its membership the most brilliant intellectuals of his day (and) together with Bacon, they devised the colonization scheme."  -- Manly Palmer Hall, The Secret Destiny of America

1626 - Bacon's New Atlantis was published:
The New Atlantis was published a year after Francis Bacon's death, by his secretary, friend and chaplain William Rawley.  Subtitled:  "In time the hidden truth shall be revealed", the book represented Bacon's vision for a new Golden Age.  According to Manly Hall, the New Atlantis:

"Revealed the entire pattern of the secret societies which had been working for thousands of years to achieve the ideal commonwealth in the political world." -- Manly Palmer Hall, The Secret Destiny of America

1635 - Original vault built at Jamestown:
In 1635 Francis Bacon's half-brother, Henry Blount whom later changed his name to Sir Nathaniel Bacon arrived in the New World, taking up residence at Jamestown, and eventually Stiffkey in Norfolk.  Nathaniel Bacon was an English lawyer and Member of Parliament.   He was admitted to Gray's Inn in 1562, and became an "ancient" of the Inn in 1576. He was MP (member of Parliment) numerous times, served as High Sheriff of Norfolk in 1599 and was Knighted in 1604. 

Manly and Marie Hall, through their deciphering of hidden codes placed in various writings contemporary to Francis Bacon, including A Collection of Emblems (George Wither, 1635) and a number of Shakespearean plays, found evidence that Nathaniel Bacon built a vault under the altar of the original Jamestown Church to hold documents he brought from England pertaining to the founding of America.

 Nathaniel Bacon
Nathaniel Bacon

1676 - Vault contents transferred to Williamsburg:
In 1676 Nathaniel Bacon led a rebellion against the then Governor of Virginia, William Berkeley, called by history "Bacon's Rebellion".  While the contents of the Jamestown vault could have been moved from Jamestown to its current location in the Bruton Parish Churchyard anytime between 1633 and 1699, many scholars believe the new vault was built and its contents placed under cover of the Rebellion in 1676.  One possible reason given for moving the contents of the vault was the then rising water levels surrounding Jamestown.

It has been demonstrated conclusively that the majority of the Founding Forefathers of the United States of America were Free Masons, and that the architecture they built (including the layout of the Nation's Capital in Washington, DC ) were laid out according to ancient principals of sacred geometry. According to Marie B. Hall, it was common practice by Masons, when building a church or temple, to place a sacred vault under the alter of the church.  It was thus expected that the original Bruton Parish Church was built over the top of the vault, with the vault situated below the alter. 

According to the codes deciphered by Manly and Marie Hall, the vault was a 10 ft. by 10 ft. brick vault, buried 20 ft. deep.  As stated earlier, its location was marked by certain, strategically placed encoded memorials in the cemetery above.

bruton churchyard
Bruton Parish Churchyard

The size and location of the Vault was later proven through the 1938 use of Ground Penetrating Radar, then a newly invented technology used in mining.

1760-1790 - Founding Forefathers utilize contents of the Vault:
During those years most critical to the founding of America, including throughout the process of writing our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, it is a known fact that Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, George Mason, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry and Henry Clay were Master Masons and lived and studied at the house of George Wythe, directly behind Bruton Parish Church.

George Wythe House
George Wythe House, Colonial Williamsburg

Deciphered codes on the gravestones of the Parish churchyard discovered by Marie B. Hall indicated that a tunnel led from the vicinity of George Wythe's house to the hidden Vault. 

The United States of America's third US President, Thomas Jefferson wrote:

"Bacon, Locke and Newton: I consider them as the three greatest men that have ever lived, without any exception, and as having laid the foundation of those superstructures which have been raised in the physical and moral sciences."  -- The Letters of Thomas Jefferson: 1743-1826 Bacon, Locke, and Newton

1938 - Formal excavation:
In 1938, an excavation initiated by Maria Bauer Hall took place, which revealed the foundations of the original Masonic Church in the Bruton Churchyard.  While knowledge of the locations of these foundations had been lost for well over a century, Mrs. Hall was able to locate them easily through her and her husband's research into Elizabethan cipher's placed in the George Wither book and the Shakespearian play, Hamlet, which led to ciphers placed directly on gravestones in the Bruton graveyard itself! 

Foundations Unearthed
Foundations Unearthed, by Marie Bauer Hall

Unfortunately Mrs. Hall's excavation was halted by Church officials before she was able to complete an excavation for the Vault itself.

1991 - An informal excavation:
On the night of September 09, 1991, a group of individuals affiliated with the Ministry of the Children did an unauthorized dig for the Bruton Vault.  The intent of this excavation was first and foremost to bring to the attention of the American public their true, spiritual legacy still buried in the ground.  While they were unable that night to reach the Vault, the local, national and international media coverage and focus brought to Bruton Parish Church and the Vault created a revival in knowledge and interest in this precious national treasure.  The story of the excavation eventually become the Virginia State Story of the Year for 1991.

There are many important documents of antiquity that have been said to have been placed in the vault, based on fact, oral history, rumor and fantasy.  Among them are:

  1. Secret documents related to the founding vision of Sir Francis Bacon for America as a Utopian Democratic Commonwealth, including the full-length version of Bacons' vision of a New Atlantis.

  2. Ancient writings that had been in the possession of certain secret societies.

  3. Instructions, maps, and documents that lead to repositories of certain Founding Forefathers, Patriots and early leaders in America that in turn contained original writings, diaries and documentation.

  4. Documentation of Sir Francis Bacon's true legacy, both in England and America, including his authorship of the Shakespearian plays, his original Tudor birth records showing him to be the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I, an unabridged version of the King James version of the Bible, translated by Bacon and more.

  5. Locations and contents of similar Vaults worldwide.

"Creating settlements in America was the goal of several secret societies from England and Europe.  In Virginia, there was no gold to be stolen from ancient cultures; that was much further south. There was no wealth to be taken from the fur trade; that was much further north. Virginia was an experiment in creating a New World where more than one religion might be tolerated. Bacon’s plan for Virginia, as well as the whole continent, was detailed in his New Atlantis, not published until after his death. It would be a place where religion would be a matter of choice, where Rule would be established by vote, where science would not be punishable by horrific torture and death. In short it would be where Liberty would be more than a word. Virginia, it was hoped, would be Bacon’s New Atlantis. Thus he helped to bring together the Virginia Company."  -- Atlantis Rising, Issue 83, p. 40

Marie Bauer Hall and Foundations Unearthed

Marie Hall
Marie Bauer Hall  (1904 - 2004)

"For Europe is with Child, and shall bring forth a strong child, who is in need of a great godfather's gift."  -- Fama & Confession of Rosicrucianism
"Surely America--the strong child so richly endowed, is approaching her birthday of maturity.  The logical place of concealment for this vast treasure was Virginia.  Under great difficulties the records were brought to Jamestown in 1653 by a true descendant of Sir Francis Bacon, Henry Blount, who upon arrival in America adopted the name of Nathaniel Bacon.
Shortly before the Bacon Rebellion, and in connection with the planned removal of the Virginia Capital to Williamsburg, the vault records were brought to their final resting place in a great Vault beneath the tower-center of the first brick church in Bruton Parish.  Some historical documents were buried at Bacon Castle in Surry County. Copies and duplicates of all the records were buried elsewhere.
The Bruton Vault was located without the shadow of a doubt during the summer of 1938, in the face of great and unfounded opposition.  .  .August 26th, 1938, marked the end of a three hundred thirty year prenatal period, and the setting in of labor pains in the birth-process of the New Atlantis." -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p. 23

Who was Marie Bauer Hall?

Marie Bauer Hall was born in Germany on June 25, 1904. Raised a Roman Catholic, she was sent to a Convent for training to become a teacher. At the age of 18 she secured a ticket to the United States, and became a nursemaid to two small children at the home of John D. Rockefeller and family in upstate New York, the very same John D. Rockefeller who subsequently purchased the entire, run-down settlement of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia and donated $55,000,000 for its restoration.

Following a first marriage to George Bauer, the birth of two children and their subsequent divorce, Marie Bauer married Manly Palmer Hall in 1950.   They spent the next 40 years working together on esoteric research projects under the umbrella of the Philosophical Research Institute (PRS), a center of esoteric and Masonic knowledge and study founded by Manly Hall and based in Los Angeles, California.  Manly was murdered in August, 1990, and Marie finally passed away due to natural cause on 4/21/2004 at the great age of 100. 

Evidence Leading to the Vault

Foundations Unearthed
Foundations Unearthed, Marie Bauer

READ the unabridged, full book here

We highly encourage anyone interested in Marie B. Hall and her work
to buy this amazing book. It can be purchased from Peacock Publishing

Foundations Unearthed, first published by Marie Hall in 1940, shares in detail the evidence for the Bruton Vault in Williamsburg, Virginia, as well as chronicling the events leading to her excavation and discovery of the foundations of the lost, original (Masonic) Bruton Church.

From a book of symbols to the Shakespeare play Hamlet, from hidden tunnels to America's Founding Forefathers and their true dream of a Utopian Commonwealth society, Foundations Unearthed tells a story that could be taken for fantasy, were it not for corroborating evidence discovered in the Bruton Parish churchyard amongst some of the oldest burials sites and tombstones in America's history.

Collection of Emblems, Ancient and Modern

In Foundations Unearthed, Marie refers to a book written in 1635 by George Wither, "A collection of Emblemes, Ancient and Moderne". 

"Within the Wither book, published before many of the Williamsburg buildings
were even erected, are depictions of these very future buildings!

A Rockefeller restoration official pointed this out to her back in 1938, although neither could provide an answer to how this came to be. More astounding is that the picture of the author, George Wither, bears a striking similarity to William Shakespeare.  A literary device well known in Elizabethan times that Francis Bacon created, called the bar sinister, sits next to Wither, informing the reader that the portrait is illegitimate. To those versed in Bacon’s codes, it is a telling sign that this is not George Wither at all.

Wither Book
George Wither, Collection of Emblemes Ancient and Modern, 1635

The codes Marie Hall found and deciphered in the Wither book eventually led her to the brick foundations of the long missing first built Masonic Bruton church.

Wither Upside Down Cube
(click for larger image)

"Great treasure is by nature buried deep, and he who would gain it must first pierce the rock."  -- George Wither, Collection of Emblemes Ancient and Modern, 1635
"One emblem in the George Wither book, reproduced here, especially puzzled me, because it is the only one in the book completely turned upside-down. I had long ceased to think that any irregularities were accidental.  .  .A cube is seen suspended in the air in line with a stone on the ground.  In the accompanying poem I found verifications of the shape, size, and depth of the Vault, which is a cubular shape ten feet cube. To show the cubular shape it had to be suspended in the air, to a distance above the ground corresponding to the depth it is buried beneath it.  To indicate that the Vault is actually in the earth, the picture was inverted, for the readers benefit only." -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p. 47

This was Marie's first hard evidence to indicate the actual size and location of the vault.  Subsequent discoveries of codes, hidden not only within Shakespearian plays but also on the actual gravestones of the Bruton Churchyard itself led Marie to the clear conclusion that the Bruton Vault is buried close to 20 feet below the alter of the first brick Masonic Church, and that its contents were preserved in hermetically sealed copper cylinders.

William Shakespeare and Sir Francis Bacon

Many scholars and experts on the subject of William Shakespeare have held fast for decades to an amazing proposition:  that the Shakespearean plays were actually written by a group of "good pens" in Elizabethan times, inspired and led by Sir Francis Bacon. Besides Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Verlum of England, the other authors of this enlightened group may have included Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Christopher Marlowe and Ben Jonson, among many other notable writers. 

Bacon Contemporaries
Standing at left: William Camden, Sackville (Earl of Dorset), John Fletcher. Seated at left: Josuah Sylvester, John Selden, Francis Beaumont, Francis Bacon, Ben Jonson, John Donne, William Shakspeare.  Standing at right: Walter Raleigh, Henry Wriothesley (Third Earl of Southampton).  Seated at right: Robert Cotton, Thomas Dekker.

These men represented the greatest minds and intellect of the period, and it was to these men that Bacon shared his inspired vision for a "New Atlantis" destined for the New World, America. This was an ancient plan that had been held scared within the esoteric secret societies of the East and Europe. 

"I decided to dedicate my efforts to the discovering of their unselfish labor of love to the best of my ability.  I knew that to Bacon and his group, the literary and historical aspect of their work was but a means to an end.  It was to form a concrete foundation which skepticism and scholarly conceit could never deny, upon which to build the great philosophical temple of Free Masonry, as nucleus of a United Brotherhood of the Earth.  Three hundred years ago they set their stage for this magnificent spectacle: a comedy of human error, a sordid tragedy of human vice, a sublime tragedy of human sacrifice, woven into a prologue for the performance of a divine Mystery Play: the advent of the Secret Doctrine of the Ages, the same secret doctrine underlying Free Masonry, Rosicrucianism, Christianity, Nature herself, the element of truth inherent in all religion and in all that had life.  These principles of truth are the sublime heritage of humanity.  They were taught by guardians of an immature race, now come of age, and capable of rational comprehension; capable of reading the spirit beneath the letter, of understanding the natural law which gave birth to the allegory, so that union of science, religion and philosophy on a higher level of thinking may be effected."   -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, 1940.

Much evidence exists to demonstrate this revolutionary idea, including the well known fact that Shakespeare was poor, illiterate and uneducated, and that Bacon and other writers of the period commonly paid others to use their name.  Please see Foundations Unearthed for more details on this controversy.

"So all their praises are but prophecies of this, our Time, all your prefiguring!  And for they looked but with divining eyes, they had not still enough your worth to sing.  For we now behold these present days have eyes to wonder but lack tongues to praise."  -- Shakespeare Sonnet No. 106

But for many the clearest evidence resides in the ciphers, or codes, that have been discovered within many of the Shakespearian plays.  The use of hidden codes to communicate "dangerous ideas" was a common artifact in Elizabethan times, proven to have been used frequently by Sir Francis Bacon and the other members of his good pens, the "Wild Goose Club".

Code-writing was a required accomplishment of the times, and Bacon published a work on various methods in use at the time.  For safety from detection the invention of a new system confined to the group was imperative.  .  .The 'new invention' peculiar to the work consists in the rearrangement of the letters and words of the apparent text in accordance with the natural abilities of text-constituents.  This was accomplished in the manner of the generation of number 1:2:3:4.5:6; Letter: Alphabet: Word: Sentence: Cover-text: Question mark--True-text.  -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed p. 17

It was within the codes hidden in the Shakespearean plays, particularly Hamlet, that Marie uncovered additional information about the existence, location and purpose of the Bruton Vault.

The Tunnels

Foundations Unearthed may reveal one of the the most important discoveries related to the founding of America to reach the light of day:  evidence that the Bruton Vault is connected by a series of underground tunnels, leading to different houses surrounding the Church.  In Foundations Unearthed, Marie Bauer Hall referenced a conversation that claimed everyone knew about the tunnels “but since the Rockefellers came to restore Old Colonial Williamsburg, it has become a big secret.”

In Revolutionary times, tunnels were commonly built and used.  Although in locations the tunnels has been sealed leading from the Bruton Churchyard have been sealed, they are believed by many to still exist.  One is purported to reach the College of William and Mary at the western end of the Duke of Gloucester Street.  Four of the first ten Presidents were associated with this Collegel. Although the tunnels have never been fully explored or mapped, it has been inferred from several discoveries that the Robert Carter House, the George Wythe House, the Kings Arms Tavern and others share underground tunnels with the Wren Building and the Bruton Church. 


Wren Building
The Wren Building at the College of William & Mary, Colonial Williamsburg, VA.


George Wythe House

The Wythe House belonged to George Wythe a leader of the Patriot movement in Virginia, a delegate to the Continental Congress, and Virginia’s first signer of the Declaration of Independence. The Wythe house is next door to the Bruton Parish Church. The house also served as General George Washington's headquarters just before the British siege of Yorktown, and French General Rochambeau made the home his headquarters after victory at Yorktown. In 1776, the house accommodated Virginia General Assembly delegate Thomas Jefferson and his family.  Some say it was here that Jefferson accessed the vault and studied carefully with a few devote members the contents before designing the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.  George Mason and Henry Clay, among others, were said to have lived and studied with George Wythe as well.

The Time is Right

In 1938 Marie, armed with the evidence she had gathered, went to Williamsburg to initiate an excavation.  Guided by the mistaken assumption by authorities at the time that the present church was built directly over the foundations of the previous one, Marie approached the Vestry and the Rockefeller Restoration team with her findings and proposed to dig for the vault directly underneath the alter of the current church.  Permission was granted, floorboards were removed and a dig commenced.  However, nothing was found, and the Vestry and Restoration officials refused any further excavation:

"When the vault was not found, the Restoration made it clear that they had lost confidence in my information, and that they could not give any further support.  I was not so disappointed as I might have been, because previous to the excavation, I had noticed a tomb-stone outside of the present tower, the edge of which was lined up exactly with the tower-center."  -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p. 38

Marie Hall brings her support to the raising of the Bruton Vault, 1991

For other videos of the 1991 excavation, please see our YouTube Channel:

It was the tomb of James Nicholson. The inscription on the tomb has a handful of words that were inscribed much larger than the others. One word “READER” was a clue, to the location of the vault. Another tomb, the Ludwell Tomb had similar references in code through the use of larger letters, and gives the name Francis Bacon.  Marie, deciphering the code she uncovered found the following:

"Dear Reader, learn from this tomb the exact location of old Bruton's foundations"-- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p.39

Thus began a search that included an old map and anagrams on another tomb, the Nicholsen tomb, that gave dimensions and locations of the original foundations of the first Bruton Church.

"In all, from five tombs I deduced that the old base [foundations] was sixty-six feet long by twenty-nine feet wide.  Various distances from the tombs to the outlines of the foundations checked each other.  The Nicholsen tomb verified in anagrams in the shape of a cross (ground plan of the church) that 'old Bruton's base is sixty-six feet long by twenty-nine feet wide'" -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p.44

Map of Bruton
-- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p.44

The Restoration and Vestry refused to allow any further excavations.  Beginning a tradition that would be continued in 1991, Marie B. Hall began her own. By probing with an iron bar, she determined that indeed, at the exact location and with the dimensions the tombs and map had indicated, was an underground structure.  She then hired a worker to dig. 

"At a depth of a little more than two feet we discovered brick, laid in the form of an old foundation.  The bricks were glazed with age, and larger than any before discovered in Williamsburg.  Within a short time we had laid bare about five feet of three-and-one-half-thick wall." -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p.51


With this proof of her findings, the Vestry authorized sufficient funds to complete the excavation.  On August 26, 1938 the entirety of the foundations were uncovered, exactly where and to the dimensions that Marie predicted, foundations that had been lost for over 100 years!

foundations2 Maria's dig1938

The support of the Vestry did not, however, last long:

"Their freedom [the foundations] was short-lived.  On the third morning I found the foundations covered over again, without having been informed.  .  .the vestry suggested that the search for the Vault be delayed until the excitement had died down, and the situation could be gotten in hand.  I was asked to refrain from giving out any statement whatever, and to avoid all publicity." -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p. 53

There then followed sustained efforts by both the Vestry and the Rockefeller Restoration to suppress Marie Hall's discoveries, including lies, subterfuge, denials and delay tactics.  Please read pages 53-58 of Foundations Unearthed for Marie's summary of these efforts to deny and block America's birthright from seeing the "light of day".

Finally, in November 1938, Marie B. Hall received a commitment from the Vestry of Bruton Parish Church:

"I elicited a promise that, could I verify the location of Bruton Vault through methods or scientific instruments entirely outside the source of my information, excavations for the Vault would be permitted."  -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p. 58

Ground Penetrating Radar

Marie subsequently introduced an advanced ground radar technology from Canada used for locating copper and other ores to search for evidence to support her conclusions.

"Under the supervision of the Vestry and members of the Rockefeller Williamsburg Restoration  and the eager attendance of College boys and girls, the field work was carried on from November 1 to the 4th inclusive.  A complete delineation of the method, the proceedings, findings, graphical maps illustrating the tests undertaken and the undeniable recordings of impartial scientific instruments, is given in the account of my Book." -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p.58

Ground Penetrating Radar Map

See the full report to the Vestry of Bruton Parish Church here

The results showed that there was indeed an open cavity, the approximate size of the expected vault, 16-20 feet down and exactly where Maria's conclusions placed the Vault. 

"It is here sufficient to state that the tests disclosed a complete verification of my calculations concerning the size, depth, and location of the Vault:
'At a depth of from sixteen to twenty feet, and about ten feet square, centered exactly where the 1711 line east of William & Mary College crosses the old foundations, lies a body partially filled and much larger than an ordinary tomb.'
After his tests were completed, Mr. Malamphy was invited to appear before the Vestry.  He explained his method, stated his findings, presented graphical maps which members of the Vestry had helped to compound and recommended excavations to a depth of at least twenty feet.  Members of the Restoration present at the meeting insinuated that Mr. Malamphy 'made the spot coincide with my own findings through the cryptograms,'  where upon he offered to let them do it over.  The offer was not taken up, but the representatives of the Restoration rose to leave with the comment, ' I suppose you dig, count us out.'  The Vestry voted to excavate, Mr. Malamphy was to supervise." -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p.59

Another Attempt

Marie B. Hall was thus given another opportunity to excavate for the Vault.  On the first day a depth of five feet was reached.

"Restoration Archaeologists appeared to be most interested spectators and though there was not the slightest evidence of stratification, they became more and more sneering with their remarks that the 'ground had never been disturbed, unless God almighty had done so himself.'  They were looking for reasons to stop the digging the first day though for their own good their anticipation was rather previous. Previous not "God Almighty", but someone had buried a casket a little deeper, and the corner of it showed up just before quitting time that day.  It seemed like an answer from heaven, and the digging was continued the next day." -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p.59

The following day the true commitment and intent of the Vestry of Bruton Parish became obvious:

"The next day the unexplained generosity of the Restoration in furnishing the labor became evident.  Though there was not the sliest change in the composition of the soil, when excavations had proceeded to less than nine feet, orders were given to the diggers to discontinue, and to cover the trench over the same night, because it was a safety hazard to tourists." -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p.59

Thus Marie B. Hall was halted in her efforts once again:

"Mr. Malamphy requested to be allowed to dig at least a cross trench.  However the committee was anxious to not disturb either the tree, the Graham-tomb or the casket discovered.  Further excavations were frankly opposed for absolutely no reason.
In explanation of the findings registered by the instruments [ground penetrating radar] it was said that the anomaly indicated might have been caused by 'a high point in a bed of marl'.  The city engineer, however, made the statement that true marl could not be reached at less than fifty feet of depth, and that usually a bluish, white clay found at about thirty feet was by common people mistaken for marl.  We had dug nine feet.  The excavations were discontinued, the trench was covered the same evening.  No explanation was given and the statement printed by the Vestry that the last excavation was the final one to which permission would ever be given."  -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed, p.60

While Marie was stopped in her quest, her optimism and belief in the redemptive qualities in mankind weren't:

"Surely in view of the overwhelming evidence at hand, a work of such regeneration and constructive content should be investigated by those who are entrusted with the welfare of a Nation.  A Nation in dire need of its great inheritance, a Nation destined to decide the fate of the whole Western Hemisphere, and the World. I began to sense more and more the vast extent of Lord Bacon's mighty plan and recognized the true relation of the Shakespeare-plays as part of the tremendous scheme designed for the upliftment of the human race." -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed

America's True Heritage

While Marie was prevented in her time from fulfilling what she saw as her own personal destiny, she never stopped, up until her death at age 100, a sustained and relentless effort to bring awareness of the Bruton Vault and its contents to the public eye:

"America, cast your vote for the salvation of your own Future, for the recognition of your great founder, the empire builder of our Nation and your Culture, the giver of the most stupendous "God-Father-Gift" ever for Man and hope and Salvation of your oppressed misguided Brothers in Europe. File your claim for the uncovering of the Bruton Vault, so the the fruits of this tremendous work may yield a healing medicine for the sick earth a work which is enduring, because it is founded upon the very gravity point of nature, is anchored in the Soul of the Human Race, recorded in the fraternal ideal of world-wide organizations reflected in the eyes of a young Nation, chronicled in the secret records of the human elect, audible in the living text of immortal writings a voice growing into song, absorbing the wails of a war ridden world, destined to merge into a glorious symphony heralding the Birth of A NEW AGE, the time of Man's coming into his great Inheritance, because his truly royal birth and spiritual Destiny, his claim to true Humanity has been recognized."   -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed

Marie Hall

"God will use a voice, which sometimes he useth, that is: Vox populi - the Speech of the people."  -- Sir Francis Bacon, Bacon's Remains
"Perhaps the people of America will find their own claims to their inheritance"  -- Marie B. Hall
"Since personally I have not been sworn to any secrecy and the work is so constructive, so absolutely vital to the salvation of our war torn world: since Lord Bacon's mighty plan offers such medicinal aid toward soothing the birth pains of a New Age: since it opens such a great vistas of hope and faith into a happier future, and at the same time releases a treasure of untold worth physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritual, on an individual, national and humanitarian level, it seems that knowledge of this great work, as far as attainable, should not be unduly withheld from those who are to inherit the fruits of the great Labor of Love, these "Loves' Labors Lost."  The People of America, of the combined New Atlantist: North America, South America, Mexico and Canada affiliated in Brotherhood with the United Democracies of Europe and the Peoples of the World."  -- Marie Bauer, Foundations Unearthed

1991 Bruton Vault Mystery Persists

In 1991 a small, family group from Sedona, Arizona picked up the torch from Marie B. Hall, garnering national and global media attention in a bid to complete the excavation that Marie came so close to finishing 53 years prior.  Reverend Lady Marsha Middleton and others of the Ministry of the Children, a Universal Life Church congregation based in Sedona, Arizona  went to Colonial Williamsburg and on the night of September 9 dug for the vault in the Bruton Churchyard.

"Twenty feet below the ground of the Bruton Parish Church cemetery in Williamsburg, Virginia, according to a small group of esoteric researchers, lays a 330-year old vaulted brick chamber. Though eye-witnesses have talked of a secret subterranean tunnel system, and various kinds of testing have indicated the presence of an anomaly in the Churchyard, with decoded messages giving its location– its very existence has been vehemently denied by Colonial Williamsburg for nearly 80 years. The web of deceit and secrecy surrounding the suppression of something so historically significant has been staggering."   -- David Allen RIvera, The Archeological Conspiracy at Williamsburg, The Mystery of the Bruton Vault

Dubbed "New Age Christian Mystics" by national media, this unauthorized excavation "pierced the veil" of subterfuge, disinformation and deceit that had continued since 1938 and thrust the Vault and the Vestry of Bruton Parish into the spotlight once again.  Following a second, "middle of the night" unauthorized dig and ongoing public pressure, the Vestry authorized and funded an excavation, digging not in the location indicated by Marie B Hall's groundbreaking research and hard evidence, but picking a spot guaranteed not to reveal anything of substance.

This recent attempt to reveal the existence of the Bruton Vault and its contents became Virginia State Story of the Year for 1991.

Virginia State Flag
"Thus always to tyrants" 

The state seal and flag of Virginia was designed by George Wythe.  Depicted is the Roman Goddess Virtue, or the Greek Goddess Pallas Athena, as a warrior, standing over the body of a dictator whom she has slain. The motto shows how Virginians feel about dictators!

Rev. Lady Marsha Middleton and the Ministry of the Children were unsuccessful in bringing up the Bruton Vault in the fall of 1991, but they were very successful at bringing worldwide media attention to the possibility that America's spiritual heritage and destiny as a Utopian Commonwealth may extend beyond today's two party, false  immature democracy, and may yet have true leadership to offer the global community.

Lady Marsha's Account


Lady Marsha Middleton is the founder of the Ministry of Children, a Universal Life Church Congregation based in Sedona, Arizona.  Founded in 1988, the Ministry of the Children does esoteric research into ancient knowledge and the Halls of Records, and provides knowledge and spiritual direction through weekly meetings and a website devoted to uncovering the secret Spiritual Destiny of America.  In 1991 at the time of the excavation, The Ministry core team consisted of Lady Marsha, Frank Flint, Douglas Moore, Aurora Burnell and Lady Marsha's two children, Christian Englander and Orion Middleton.  Lady Marsha and her two children are descendants of Founding Forefather and signer of the Declaration of Independence, Arthur Middleton.

Through research into the work of Manly P. Hall, Lady Marsha came across information about the Bruton Vault in 1991.  This was the "smoking gun" that she had been searching for for years: tangible hard evidence of the true spiritual roots of America's founding as a utopian ideal, and its origins in the Elizabethan era of Sir. Francis Bacon and beyond to Plato and his New Atlantis.  It was clear to Lady Marsha that the Bruton Vault represented the heart of the "work of the redemption", and a key component of the Quest of the Ages.

Lady Marsha received a message from the spirit world early in September, 1991.  The message came through her youngest son, Christian, then 7 years old.  He was awakened in his sleep by a vision of two, blue Hopi Kachinas. One of them told him in his dream that it was time to go get the vault. 

According to Hopi Prophecy, when the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge.  This will be the Day of Purification. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask.

Katchina Crot, Amore Art
Blue Star Kachina,  Amore Art for Peace

The day before Christian had this dream message, a package had arrived from the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles, CA.  In the package was a copy of Manly P. Hall's book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages.  Also in the package was a poster from Marie B. Hall of a painting of the Bruton Church, with an underground vault with scrolls superimposed over the top of the graveyard in the spot Marie identified as its location.  Marsha knew that the message from the Blue Hopi Kachinas involved the Bruton Vault, and also demonstrated to her the direct connection between Native American prophecy and our Western European spiritual heritage. 

The Ministry of the Children core group made the decision to respond to this spiritual guidance and go to Virginia to research and explore the Bruton Vault firsthand.

The evening they arrived in Williamsburg, the group visited the Bruton Church yard.  While Lady Marsha was standing and praying near the spot shown by Marie Hall to contain the vault, she witnessed an apparition of the Blessed Mother Mary hovering over the area.  Marsha felt that to be a sure sign that the Vault was there, and that they were to somehow "pierce the veil" held over the Vault and its contents. 

Woman digging
George Wither, Collection of Emblemes Ancient and Modern (Click for larger image)

Later that evening the decision was made to literally pierce the ground!  Douglas Moore and Frank Flint went out in the middle of the night of September 9th and began digging into solid clay dirt.  They were still shoveling when dawn arrived.  After breakfast they returned and continued digging in broad daylight.  Orion filmed the digging while church tours were being held.  Midmorning they called a halt and left.  The hole they dug was about 6 feet by two and a half feet by four feet deep.

Media trucks showed up outside the church yard shortly after Douglas and Frank stopped digging.  Lady Marsha made the decision to call Marie Hall at home in Los Angeles and let her know what the group had done.  Marie's advice was immediate:  go to the media right away before you go to the Vestry.  Tell them what you have done and request that the Vestry of Bruton Parish do a professional dig beneath where the altar would have sat in the original Bruton Church, based on the position of the foundations of that Marie unearthed in 1938.

Bruton Parish Graveyard

The Bruton Church site of the old foundations, unearthed by Maria B. Hall in 1938

Marie said to Marsha, "I am coming out there to support you!"  Marie also revealed to Marsha that her attorney, Helen James of Los Angeles had recently told her that a dig was already being planned through the Vestry, scheduled for spring 1992.  It was being kept private and would be done behind fencing, while publicly stating that other adjustments were being made to the church yard. 

Marie told Marsha that she had saved the day.  Now the media and the nation would be focused on the graveyard.  She told Marsha to go straight away to the media and then go to the church Vestry to tell them what she had done.  Marsha took Maria's advice. 

When Lady Marsha approached Rector Mae of Bruton Parish, she was quickly introduced to Vernon Geddy Jr., attorney for the Vestry.  He warned Marsha not go any further, stating:

"She should go home now and keep quiet about it all."

After discussions among the core group from the Ministry it was decided to stay and maintain pressure on the Vestry.  The Vestry was not happy about this, and began a campaign to discourage any future professional dig.  The media were very opened-minded toward Lady Marsha Middleton and the group. Within days people came streaming in from around the world to see the hole in the Bruton Church yard.  This made the Vestry even more upset with it all.  In addition, Maria Hall flew out from Los Angeles and supported the Ministry of the Children in the media.  The coverage went worldwide.

Bruton Church Entrance
The Bruton Church entrance, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Fearing that the Parish Vestry's commitment to squash the story and prevent an authorized excavation was succeeding, the Ministry of the Children entered the Churchyard the second weekend in November and dug again in the same spot.  With security now focused on the churchyard, it was only a matter of time before they were discovered.  While media attention helped to put additional pressure on the Vestry, it became soon clear that Lady Marsha and the Ministry had done all they could do and they returned to the Southwest in early December.

The following September, 1992 the Bruton Parish Vestry finally did their own excavation, hidden behind walls as Marie had stated they would.  Lady Marsha and other members of the Ministry returned to Williamsburg to attempt to bring attention to the excavation and push it into the public's eye, but unfortunately were not successful. 

An Apostolic Mission

Mejugorje Peace Angel
Our Lady, Queen of Peace, The Blessed Virgin Mary of Medjugorje

Immediately following the first, unauthorized excavation by the Ministry of the Children in 1991, Lady Marsha Middleton received an urgent telephone call from a representative of the Visionaries of Medjugorje in Bosnia.  Lady Marsha was informed that the entire global Medjugorje organization was in prayer for the work that Marsha and the Ministry were doing. 

Lady Marsha was told that the Visionaries of Medjugorje had directly addressed the events in Williamsburg. The Visionaries had been told that there were 10 apostolic revelations to happen in the future and that the Bruton Vault, the Seventh Seal of the Book of Revelations and the "Lady of the Sun" were all part of one of them.  They stated that the lifting of the Bruton Vault and its contents represented the opening of the Seventh Seal, and that Lady Marsha was the prophesied Lady of the Sun.  They also stated that the Vault project was being blocked by an evil and dangerous force. The entire Medjugorje organization was organized worldwide to pray for the safety of Lady Marsha and the Ministry, and for the raising of the Bruton Vault. 

Lady Marsha Middleton's experience of an apparition of the Blessed Mother Mary in the Bruton Churchyard.

For other videos of the 1991 excavation, please see our YouTube Channel:

Since 1981, in a small village named Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina, The Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing and giving messages to the world. She tells us that God has sent her to our world and, these years she is spending with us are a time of Grace granted by God. In her own words she tells us,

"I have come to tell the world that God exists. He is the fullness of life, and to enjoy this fullness and peace, you must return to God"

Lady Marsha was really taken by this phone call and all the spiritual force that came through the phone to her.  Rev. Marsha Middleton felt the force of the Holy Spirit come through the telephone.  This was not made public knowledge at the time of the dig in 1991.

Courage of Their Convictions

"The Vestry better have the courage of their convictions, Little Marsha scared the living daylights out of them".  -- Marie B. Hall Sept. 13th 1991 TV News Interview

What Marie B. Hall discovered in Williamsburg, Virginia was never fully revealed. Local and national authorities interfered with her work at every step, effectively hiding her discoveries from the world.  Yet, the raising of the Bruton Vault is an incomplete, pre-destined, spiritual event of great import for America and the world.

When our Founding Forefathers accessed the contents of the Vault in the forming of a new Nation, did they in fact implement the entirety of the Great Reformation?  Or are we only half way there, with another huge step to take along the road to a truly free, truly enlightened society? 

Placed in the ground by some of the world's greatest visionaries, the contents of the Bruton Vault can possibly show the pathway for America to continue towards a true Utopian Commonwealth, with hopes for the Birth of a Golden Age. 


Humankind's great spiritual inheritance lies waiting!

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